High-precision Fasteners


 pro-screw-bolt screw & bolt
Monlone supplies various screw & bolt, such as contact bolt, PZ screw, self-tapping screw, meter screw, 304 stainless steel hexagon socket head screw, brass bolts & other high precision metal screws.
 pro-sealing-screw Sealing screw
Monlone produces various sealing screw for KWH meter. The material can be brass with nickel plating or steel with zinc plating.
 pro-washer Washer
Monlone produces various washers, such as flat washer, spring washer, wing washer, high-structural washer, square taper washer & serrated lock washer, etc. The material can be steel or brass.
 pro-nut Nut
Monlone produces various nut, such as square nut, hex nut, wing nut, lock-nuts & high-strength structural nut, etc. The material can be steel or brass.